Orgis IT services

How can we help you with?

We can offer Odoo cloud, services of our IT specialist (for example Consultant, Analysts or Advisor services), Odoo integration on external software and Odoo customisation for both, Community and Enterprise.

We look forward to working with you on how we can best help you and your company. We think along with you and give honest advice. We listen to your wishes and use our knowledge to grow your business. 

We are not only Odoo developers. We will advise you and recommend a suitable solution. We have years of experience.

Hosting platform

Odoo hosting in Amazon Cloud

No worries about servers

We have prepared Odoo hosting with the possibility of your own solution without worries. You do not need to have your technical background or to buy servers. We take care of operations, monitoring and data backup in your Odoo system. 

Our Odoo hosting is fully scaled. It does not matter if there is 5 or 400 of you, thanks to our Cloud Odoo, we will grow with you. Orgis IT hosting is built up on the modern background of AWS Cloud which guarantees a perfect security and stability of Odoo.

GDPR ready

Orgis Odoo hosting server infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services. For customer in EU we only uses data centers located in the Frankfurt region (eu-central-1) to ensure the data never leaves the EU.

Amazon Web Services is fully compliant with GDPR for which you can get additional information here: 

Saving time&money

Our hosting platform can save your time and money.

No need for HW

saving cost for servers.

No need for administrators

saving cost for servers administrators.

No need for OS operations

saving cost for operations

No need for updates

saving time with Odoo updates - all is includes in our hosting.

Individual plan

saving time with Odoo updates - all is includes in our hosting.




The safety of your data is very important to us, and we design our systems and procedures to guarantee it.


protocol and autorenewable certificate.


every 4 hours with up to month retention

Disaster recovery

more localities for backuping your data.


Client data stored in dedicated databases. No access possible from one database to another.

Reliable Platform

Servers with full hardware guarantee, redundant data storage, network and electrical supplies.

GDPR ready

Amazon Web Services is fully compliant with GDPR.

Operational support

We ensure the complete operational of the system and you take care only of the application itself.

System and Odoo updates


Automatic deploy


Fully auto-build Odoo

into high availability cluster

Failover function


Autoscaleable envirovment


Multinode architecture


Own repositories


High availability

Cluster, in which we run the environment, is independent on the drop-out of physical sources

Extra features

Within our hosting platform you can use our extra features and integrated Apps for Free.

Amazon CDN optional


Your domain name

You can choose domain name of your Odoo instance.

OCA repository

The OCA organization provides many Odoo Apps and is accessible to us in our hosting.

Orgis extension

including CRM activities, Sales reporting,  Timesheets, Invoicing, ...

Orgis Integrations

such as Bisnode, Keboola, Cribis, EET, Magento, Twilio, GoPay, FlexiBee, ...

Orgis Apps

CRM, Helpdesk, Multiwebsites, Websites snippets

PDF printing prepared



Odoo is a module system which can be adapted to you. It does no matter if you are a telephone operator, manufacturing company, restaurant, e-shop, Service Company or other. Odoo grows with you. And we help you with it!

Do you have your visions and goals? In customised Odoo, we are able to realize them together. You do not need to adapt to the system, especially when you have your own processes, which are creating your competitive advantage or other benefits for your successful business. This is the difference between Odoo and other systems.

 No third party outsourcing

  100% Quality code

  Code testing 

ORGIS Support

Support packages

Odoo is a complex system, which you need to be set up rightly and need to learn how to work with it. It does not matter if you are developing with us or you are on our hosting or if you just need a helping hand. 

With our support packages, we help you with the configuration of the system, we train you employees or we will be your support in everyday usage.

User portal = Ticketing system

This application support is provided by the form of pre-paid hours of support – so called support packages. You choose a package with the number of hours, after paying, you receive an access to the user portal where you can set and control tickets, check their history, or you can check the number of your prepaid hours. Into this portal can gain access to your employees or colleagues and can be easily shared between others. 

For detail information you can watch our video about How it works in our youtube channel here 

Configuration. Majority of the introductory configurations and parameterisations are being processed right during the solution implementation. However, the system should be developing and growing with you. This can be easily ensured any configuration of the system during its usage. 

Training. It is an important part of the new system implementation and should not be neglected. The user who did not see the system can be easily disoriented and the drop of the enthusiasm from the usage follows. We prepare an introductory training where the users learn about the user environment and the basic logic of the system. Then, a complicated function follows together with eventually new functionality. 

User support contains services which should simplify the passing to the new system to every user. The specialist will be available to you and ensures that you will have to someone to turn on in the case of need. 

Specialist´s time on the road will be used in the onsite presence of the specialist. From tha support package, you can learn the number of hours that the specialist spends on the way to you. The starting point is our office in Pilsen.

Give us your phone number and we will call you back.