Organize. Schedule. Plan. Analyze.

Create new tasks, group them by stages, responsible, deadline or you can create specific new stages per project in your kanban view. Define the process through custom tool-tips for each stage.

If you want, you can schedule actions like email, call, meeting, or todo actions under the tasks.You can tell your colleagues if you need help or add the necessary data for your task or project with a note directly under the task.

Add all needed documents related to tasks, issues or projects as specifications, plans, images etc. Add quick notes or attach files to any task and stay connected to your team.

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Use drag & drop view to help you easily move tasks at the right stage.


Thanks to Gantt view can easily manage forecasts by User or by Project. Compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability.


Keep an eye of deadlines and progress of your projects. Plan your projects taking employee holidays into account.


Keep a good overview of your workload and of the status of individual tasks.

Connect Sales nad Projects

Manage fixed price (on milestones) or time and material based contracts and generate tasks based on sales orders.
Automatically Invoice timesheet on tasks. Track time on projects and tasks using the timesheet app. Available as a Chrome plugin or a mobile app. You can also track expected hours, effective hours, re-forecasts on tasks.
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Watch your project budget

For each project, you can track the profitability, timesheets by individual employees, and the rates.

Gantt view

The easiest way to track deadlines and timeline progress or you can doing forecasts projects and resources easily from the Gantt chart taking employee holidays into account.
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Communicate with your customers by email. Everything is automatically attached to the issue to get a full visibility. Odoo also has customer portal - your customers can get access to their tickets and can check the status. They also see their sales orders and invoices there, they can change their company data and have an overview of their contracts.

Track time with Timesheet App

Keep your time under control

Log in and track your time through any device, anywhere. Timesheets are available as mobile applications and can also work offline!

Invoice timesheets to clients. Automatically generate one-time or recurring invoices based on expenses and timesheet entries. Keep your projects profitable.

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HR management

Track your employees project´s expenses. Business travel, public transport bills, accommodation or purchase of the necessary material for your projects.
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Use triggers and automated actions to send automatic emails on different statuses: confirmation of ticket, customer satisfaction survey, etc.

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