Online invoicing

Convert quotes into invoices
Draft invoices are created automatically by Odoo based on sales order, timesheets or delivery orders.
Create a refund, pro-forma invoice or send a reminder that your bills are not paid. Eliminate the hassle of sending reminders for late or outstanding payments. Automated follow-ups are simple to configure and help to streamline billing to make payments quick and easy.

Accounting dashboard
On the dashboard you can view your favorite statistics and set their parameters. If you are a beginner with Invocing app, Odoo has prepared a simple configuration steps, you should start with if you want to have the correct system set up. 
Customer invoice
When creating an invoice, Odoo suggests outstanding payments automatically so that you don't have to reconcile it later.

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Multiple currencies

Choosing to use the multi-currency option in Odoo will allow you to send sales invoices, quotes and purchase orders or receive bills and payments in currencies other than your own. With multi-currency, you can also set up bank accounts in other currencies and run reports on your foreign currency activities.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Keep an eye

Keep track of drafts, paid and unpaid invoices thanks to status overview.

Use the filters and the ability to group data by common characteristics.

Would you like to create dynamic statements and reports?

You can with Odoo Accounting App.

Multiple standard reports are available - Profit & Lost, cash flow statements, cash reports, general ledger, tax reports, balance sheet, executive summary and aged payable/receivables, ... 

Only in ENTERPRISE edition.

Odoo text and image block

FlexiBee integration

For customers in Orgis IT cloud we provide integration to most popular accounting SW FlexiBee. This integration ensures full Czech localization and legal correctness.

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Create and send professional looking invoices directly to your customers. You can send them by email as a PDF attachment or  view them online in their portal.

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Save time by setting up rules to automatically send RfQs to your suppliers based on your stocks levels. Design drafts of invoices which you can easily modify or cancel later.

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